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     NAME or SUBJECT                 MAGAZINE          ISSUE       PAGE

     Build this wireless video         RE             Feb 1986      51
       camera link

     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 1       RE             Jun 1986      47
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 2       RE             Jul 1986      44
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 3       RE             Aug 1986      51
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 4       RE             Sep 1986      54
     HBO Jamming                       RE             Oct 1986      47
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 5       RE             Nov 1986      46
            ( SSAVI )
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 6       RE             Dec 1986      57
          (Sine wave desc.)
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 7       RE             Jan 1987      53
           (Gated Pulse) 
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 8       RE             Mar 1987      63
     TV Signal Descrambling Pt 9       RE             Jul 1987      58
           (Digital Audio) 
     SCA/FM Stereo Receiver Pt 1       RE             Aug 1987      39
     SCA/FM Stereo Receiver Pt 2       RE             Sep 1987      46

     Video Effects Generator Pt 1      RE             Sep 1987      41
          (Video Palette)   
     Video Effects Generator Pt 2      RE             Oct 1987      48
          (Video Palette)   

     Wireless Stereo Link    Pt 1      RE             Mar 1988      54
      (MPX Transmitter)
     Wireless Stereo Link    Pt 2      RE             Apr 1988      50
      (MPX Transmitter)

     100,000 Megohm meter indicates    Modern         Jun 1988      24
     Static Electricity (Electrometer)   Electronics

     Build this Wireless               RE             Aug 1988      37
      Speaker System (Infrared) 
     Build this Carrier Current        RE             Jan 1989      55
      Current Audio Transmitter

     Carrier Current Receiver          RE             Feb 1989      55
      (AM and FM)
     Amateur TV Transmitter   Pt 1     RE             Jun 1989      45
     Amateur TV Transmitter   Pt 2     RE             Jul 1989      45

     Low Frequency Converter           RE             Sep 1989      47       
     SW Converter                      RE             Oct 1989      49

     Video Scene Switcher  Pt 1        RE             Nov 1989      33
     Video Scene Switcher  Pt 2        RE             Dec 1989      42
     Universal Descrambler             RE             May 1990      37
     Amateur TV Transmitter            RE             1991 Edtn.    11
       (reprint)                   Exp. Handbook

     Video Scene Switcher              RE             1991 Edtn.   103
       (reprint)                   Exp. Handbook

     Scanner Converter     Pt 1        RE             Feb 1992      42
     Scanner Converter     Pt 2        RE             Mar 1992      41
       (800-1000 MHz)

     Enlarging Light Meter             PE             Apr 1992      31

     Darkroom Timer                    PE             Aug 1992      53
     ATV Linear Amplifier              EN             Aug 1992      67
     ATV Downconverter                 EN             Sep 1992      79

     ATV Xmtr  Pt 1                    73             Aug 1992      50
     ATV Xmtr  Pt 2                    73             Sep 1992      50

     Video Master                      EN             Aug 1993      39

     Speech Scrambler                  EN             Dec 1993      37

     ATV Station               Pt 1    EN             Jul 1994      31
     Mini ATV, ATV JR,         Pt 2    EN             Aug 1994      39
       5W ATV Xmtr                       

     ATV station for 915 MHz   Pt 1    QST            Nov 1994      23
       A miniature 1.5 W Xmtr
     ATV station for 915 MHz   Pt 2    QST            Dec 1994      23
       Tuneable Downconverter

     Amateur TV Transmitter            EN             May 1996      31
     (900 MHz Mini)

     Build this UHF Downconv.          EN             Jun 1996      33
     (900 & 1300 MHz)

     LED Thermometer                   PE             Jul 1996      45

     UHF Corner Reflector Antenna      EN             Jul 1996      57

     VHF-UHF Discone Antenna           EN             Aug 1996      47

     440 MHz Downconverter             QST            Oct 1996

     440 MHz 3 CH ATV                  QST            Nov 1996

     ATV Station                       QST            Dec 1996

     Active Antenna                    PE             Aug 1997      48

     MPX96                             EN             Jun 1997      31

     AM88 AM Xmtr                      EN             Jun 1998      39

     Video Palette II                  EN             Jan 1999      29

     Video IF44,IF66,IF70              EN             May 1999      41 

     Electromagnetic Pollution         PE             Dec 1999      38

     EMF Meter                         PE             Dec 1999      28

     RF Field Strength Meter           PX             Jan 2001      33

     MPX2000                           PX             Jul 2001      29
	 The ATV12 MK2                     PX             Feb 2002      31

	 The A.L.P. (Voice IDer)           PX             Apr 2002      26

                                WS  Updated  30 April, 2011


      Notes:      EN = Electronics Now Magazine (Formerly called Radio Electronics)
                  RE = Radio Electronics Magazine (No longer Published)
                  PE = Popular Electronics Magazine (No longer Published)
                  PX = Poptronics Magazine(No longer Published)

                       Modern Electronics is no longer published. On Jan 1 2000, 
                  Electronics Now (EN) and Popular Electronics (PE) Magazine merged
                  to form Poptronics Magazine (PX).This magazine went out of business
                  soon thereafter. All these magazines are gone. 
                  QST is the magazine published by the American Radio Relay League
                  and is still in publication as of May 2011

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